07 June 2010

Quote of the day

I am reading a book about a young man who becomes an apprentice to a tatoo artist, as he makes his choice he writes..,

"And there again was that forking road unfolding and dividing, and him knowing there was a route of moderate well put together living, or a way of life bitter sacrificed and bitter gained, of damning and enlightening direction. The path of shallow passing, or the path that cut right through him - the path of Riley's influence and Riley's needle inserted like a catheter into the deepest soul chamber of him, into the worst and best places of him, which would never be removed, or if it was scar- tissue would forever keep the channel open."

I often find myself tempted to find a shallow path, one of moderate living, rather than the struggle and anguish and constant striving to pursue my own path... The quote is from THE ELECTRIC MICHAELANGELO, Sarah Hall.

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