13 May 2011

Scratching the surface!

I have set up a display at the lovely Green with Envy coffee shop on Vause rd (Morningside).

I've been wanting to do lots of small block type artworks on wood for ages - to create a "mix 'n match" concept where you can create your own story using 2 or 3 or 4 artworks.  I have done impressionistic works using mostly pen and ink and mixed media - word is rustic and organic which I love and is also cost effective!
Plywood also recycled so all in all - "cheap and cheerful" to use a family expression

I also put out a "scratch" box for people to choose artworks from and try out different combinations. 
Green with Envy is worth a visit just for the cheesecake!!  (Turn left into Vause rd off St Thomas just before DHS high school and it is on your left).  Pieces are priced from R150 - R 450.

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