18 August 2011

The circus of my mind...

I am working on evolving my 3D art pieces into small cabinets of curiosities and collections of oddities.
I have been inspired by my childhood memories of collecting "treasures" in tins and little suitcases, scavenger hunts and the things children collect such as cards, marbles, dolls etc. 

This is interwoven with the idea of curiosity cabinets which evolved from the wonderkammer (rooms of wonder) in the 16th century - collections of wonders gathered by the travels of wealthy.  Later the middle and upper class had just cabinets displaying their collections.  Nowadays such collections are housed in museums. (Love!)  Been wanting to go to the Natural Museum to draw and be inspired for a while now.  Must go!

It may well just be an excuse to trawl through junk shops collecting things that fascinate me...

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