13 September 2011

Give Away, Portraits of two birds

I have decided to to do a giveaway each month from now until December!  This giveaway is exclusively for followers of my blog and is my way of saying "thanks" to the loyal few who have shown interest in my ramblings and artworks! See details for this giveaway below...

  For the month of September I am giving away this pair of birdies.  To enter, I am looking for a title for each birdie picture - post your entry as a comment and the most original will win!  I love to give my works fun and interesting names!  Entries close Friday 23rd of September.
The winner will be posted the pictures with their title on them, signed by moi!  


  1. Ah how divine!!

    Tweeting florals & Summer flutter.


  2. ahh...i didnt make it on time. it's ok. well, for the first one fluffy sunshine and for the second sky prince! -it has to do with the colors! :P- greetings from Greece!

  3. Sorry Ioanna, please try again, I'll do a giveaway again towards the end of Oct. Nice to hear from Greece! My husband's grandfather is Greek.

  4. you still doing any give aways for 2012??? looking for a piece of art i saw of you with suitcases stacked on top of each other ... have you got any like that in your studio?

    Linda 072 183 6176