05 June 2012

Birds in a Boudoir

This commission for 3 long box framed paper and mixed media artworks was for the most lovely young lady's bedroom.  It was french inspired with the palest pink mixed with black trim - glamorous and girly!
Here are some of the elements to the artworks as they evolved... then the final pieces.
They were almost 2 meters long!
The art piece from my Paper Trail exhibition that inspired the trilogy

Layers of hand cut birdcages, paper flowers and paper garlands.
I embroidered artwork onto actual hoops that were incorporated into the frames.

 The pieces are called:  
"In the stillness of my heart", 
"In the secret of my Dreams", 
"Is the place where I am free".


  1. Absolutely exquisite, love all the different elements, really beautiful Terry

  2. Thank you so much, appreciate it coming from you, talented person that you are.

  3. Thanks Sam...things I can't bring to the iheart market! Ha Ha.