17 October 2012

Sneak Preview!

I have a really good excuse for my lack of blogging! I have been cooking up a creative storm with Lauren Wallet of Malva.  Oh Yes! Something new and exciting is happening!

I would like to introduce you to...

Have you heard? Swapping is the new shopping!
Lauren and I have both wanted to move away from the traditional "shop/retail" way of trading and have already done Malva Pop Up, Oct-Dec 2011.
On this project, we offer a whole new "shopping/swapping" experience.
Save your cash for the boring stuff, and exchange your lovelies with other creatives!

Here's the plan, in a "Nutshell"!
Pack up some of your gorgeous goodies and we will pick them up from you!

We will collect a bunch of cool stuff from specially selected creative folks!

We'll put it all together on our website, making it look lovely and exciting!

You get to choose from a selection of everyone's goodies and trade using our unique credit & spend system. At the end of the exchange, you will receive your trades packaged and delivered by us to you!

So!  What are you waiting for!  Check it out on  A Good Exchange, and email us if you've got something wonderful to exchange!  Creative services and workshops can also be traded!   


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