19 February 2013

Beautiful suprises!

One miserable Monday a lovely lady showed up at my front door with a beautiful gift just for me.
She was a stranger who was my "secret santa" through an initiative by blogger Kelly (Sunflowers and Spears).  It really turned a ordinary day into a special day.  In the madness of getting ready to take a family of 5 on holiday I forgot to share my happiness and special gift on my blog.  So apologies to Samantha, but below is her delightful gift and a link to her blog Everything Samantha Hearts.


  1. Oh what a wondeful post! It was such a pleasure! And lovely to meet you! x

  2. Hello from Canada! I seen your story on Poppytalk and was intrigued. I admire your ART and your blog is lovely to visit...The special gift is beautiful, I love those heart shaped measuring spoons!!! I look forward to visiting again...♥Debi

  3. Hello Debi, lovely to have you visit. Come again! x Terry