11 May 2010

Bird curiosity!

It has been mulling around in my head lately the idea that there is a common consiousness that draws us to certain themes, symbols and colours. Some may call these "trends".

I have been feeling curious about the idea of trends being more than just fashion but being something deeper that draws us to certain things.

It was birds in particular that got me thinking about this. About 2 years ago I started doodling birds and birdcages on little tags for cards. I was not drawing or painting "professionally" at the time but they were in my mind.

They have become a significant theme for my work and when I recently started to blog and explore the creative universe through the web I was amazed by the bird obsession out there. It was as if we were all on the same page....

I have done some contemplating on this and some research and will post about my thoughts on it in the next few blogs!

1 comment:

  1. Just a thought about birds. Perhaps it is their freedom of spirit that we relate to. Imagine how wonderful it would be to launch off a branch and fly through the air light and carefree. I think you have captured that free spirit in your drawings - well done they are lovely.