03 July 2013

The Artist has a website

My new wesite has just gone live!


09 April 2013

Suitcase, Staircase, Showcase!

I loved being a part of the recent "Suitcase Showcase" at SPIGA on Florida Road!  What a great initiative by the iheart market!  The challenge - showcase your work as a small collection within a 1m size stall using suitcases! "Sip, savour and Shop" was the call of the day and I must say I loved sipping on my frozen Margarita chatting to customers and fellow exhibitors. 

29 March 2013

Nice to meet you!

I'd like to introduce you to these collage characters that have been popping into my creative life lately.
A bit of my art, a bit of pattern cutting, a bit of vintage paper or postcard and voila!  

19 February 2013

Visit from "it's what I'm into"

I was recently visited at my home studio by Sara Trickett and Tyrone Bradley from itswhatiminto.  They came to take a peep around my home (very rustic) and studio for a post on their uber cool and popular blog.  Without further adieu, here are a few of my favourite photos of the visit by Tyrone.
(open article - Terry Angelos)

My studio - upstairs in the trees.